Bill Hunter

Bill Hunter

How to Make Brownies – Boxiki Silicone Bakeware Review

How to Make Pound Cake – Boxiki Silicone Bakeware Review

Known to many as Daddy from The Mommy and Gracie Show on YouTube, Sweet Willy is a food enthusiast with a desire teach families that cooking can be family fun. Together we will learn how to make fun and healthy food that is kid and family friendly. We will also go shopping and learn how to buy healthy groceries on a budget!

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Bill has been exposed to a very broad range of foods and cultural cuisines. From apples to zucchini…Afghanistan to Zimbabwe…and if it walks, swims, or flies…there is not a recipe he will not try. Even with his strong allegiance to the New York City food culture…there is even a video of Bill making a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

With 25 years as a trained technical sales professional, Bill uses his public speaking and teaching skills to make presentations, either live or on camera…that are clear, concise, informative and entertaining. With an affinity for all things with taste and style, Bill brings a, “Come with me, everything will be just fine” demeanor to his audience to have them thinking, “Let’s see where this is going to take us…” Sweet Willy likes gadgets and toys of all sorts so he might sneak the occasional unboxing or review video in as well.

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